Please read the Regulations,the Entry Rules before you begin.

If you need to edit the info or materials you have uploaded afterward, please go back to this page and press the "User Login" button on the top. Please remember the email address, the Tel you filled in. You will find the register No. on the entry form.

Registration procedures

Step1. Fill in the online registration form , and an entry number will be generated after online submission. Print the registration form and sign or stamp on it.

Step2.Upload your works and other materials through the online system.

Submission Requirements 

1. Entries must be works completed after January 1, 2019. 

2. Please submit your work in accordance with the requirements of the award settings, and limit one entry to one award.

3. Deadline for submission : 23:59, September 1, 2021(UTC+8)

4. Entry Format Requirements

 ①Animation: Entries should be submitted in one of the following formats: MP4, AVI,MPEG,WMV,AFS,MOV. One episode of animated series is required for submission if a single episode of the series is longer than 20 minutes; two episodes for series shorter than 20 minutes.

 ②Comics: Works should be submitted in the format of JPG or PNG, and with a resolution of no less than 300DPI. Pictures should remain the original size and be named in reading sequence(Title and serial number of the work). Scroll comics are required to have a width of no less than 800px with no height restriction. 

 ③No company watermarking or the word "sample" shall appear in the entries.

 ④Language requirements: Chinese or English. If the original language is neither Chinese nor English, please translate into either of them.

5. Posters of Entry: One poster or 3 shots (in JPG or PNG format) of every entry that shows the main scenes or characters should be provided.

6. Trailers of Entry: Trailers of animation entries should be provided and the duration should be no more than one minute. 

7. Other Supporting Materials: Entries for Best Animated Feature Film (Chinese Mainland) and Best Animated Series (Chinese Mainland) should have been filed by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Television and Television. The relevant documents should be sealed officially and posted with the entries. To be eligible for Cross-Strait Special Animation Prize and Cross-Strait Special Comic Prize, enterprises are required to submit a copy of business licenses or equivalent licenses. Otherwise, it will be deemed ineligible. 

For further questions around Film Submission, please call +86-(010)-88792568 or write us on

Entry Rules of 2021(14th) Xiamen International Animation Festival (XIAF) Cyber Sousa Award Competition.pdf

Selection Regulations of 2021 (14th) Xiamen International Animation Festival (XIAF) Cyber Sousa Award Competition.pdf